Monday, June 29, 2009

Avril Lavigne: The Best Damn Thing (2007)

Avril Lavigne’s third album, The Best Damn Thing, has been highly anticipated by fans and critiques alike due to the hype of it being Avril’s different take on music. Her first album, Let Go (2002) it reflected her ‘in your face’ attitude and adolescence. Her second album, Under Your Skin (2004), showed her darker more sensitive and pensive side. The Best Damn Thing seems to be a regression back to the Let Go era, despite Lavigne’s being a married 22 year-old.

For those who enjoyed previous songs such as ‘He Wasn’t’ and ‘Freak Out’ are sure to enjoy the similar vibe in her third album. The album, which Avril promised to be a more upbeat and fun album to perform, displays an extremely girly but yet again ‘in your face’ Lavigne. Songs such as ‘Everything Back but You’ with lyrics like “Because you wrote ‘I wish you were her’. You left out the ‘e’” show a glimpse of her potential humour while still keeping the song very buoyant. The listener can really feel the fun Lavigne had while writing the album throughout the collectiveness of the album.

Some may find the album too ‘sugar coated’ and ‘fake’, labeling her as a ‘poser’ and that she’s turning into a Britney-wannabe. Those who enjoyed deep and revealing songs such as ‘Slipped Away’ and ‘Nobody’s Home’ might not appreciate the vibe of The Best Damn Thing. There are only two mellow songs in TBDT, the first is ‘Innocence’ which is a lovely chill-giving song about finding that perfect place in your life. The second downbeat song is ‘When You’re Gone’, an attempt on Lavigne to put down in words her feelings for her new hubby. Despite the lack of emotion provoking songs the two that are on the album are sufficient enough. The songs also demonstrate Avril's vocal ability opposed to her cheery chorus chanting. They are well written and give us just enough insight on the shy woman we see in interviews opposed to the woman jumping around while performing on stage.

The works of Lavigne displayed in The Best Damn Thing are more oriented towards her female fans as opposed to the male fans. Her songs such as ‘I Can Do Better’ and ‘The Best Damn Thing’ put forward an anti-guy image, but the facts that she brings up in her lyrics are experiences that many girls can relate to. She sings “I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door… I hate it when a guy doesn't get the tab… I hate it when a guy doesn't understand why a certain time of month I don't wanna hold his hand”.

As a whole the album will surely appeal to Avril’s fan base, some find it too popish, others become addicted after listening to the songs a few times, while a few just plain despise it. Avril hasn’t gone main stream; she’s just adapted her music to her performances and wanting to have fun on stage. It’s completely understandable for whoever’s seen her perform live; the energy she shows on stage is what’s so entertaining. If an artist isn’t having fun on stage, the viewers won’t either. Despite the critiques, Avril’s album is sure to be successful, appealing to the stylistic demand of 2007.

Favourite Track(s): Innocence, When You're Gone, Everything Back But You

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